Examples of projects conducted by the SIG: the "Enseigner l’élevage" (teaching livestock farming) project

The " Enseigner l’élevage " group was born out of the realisation that many citizens know little about livestock farming and how the food they eat is produced on a daily basis. Education is essential to inform young people about agriculture and livestock farming. This group was created within the GIS Élevages Demain and continues within the GIS Avenir Élevages.

These themes are now addressed several times in the training programmes of high schools and colleges, in particular in life sciences and geography. We are aware that teaching these chapters can be difficult for teachers, as their training rarely leads them to have an in-depth knowledge of these subjects. Some of the information made available to them, for example in school textbooks, is sometimes incomplete (unsourced). Some of the positions taken are insufficiently argued.

The "Enseigner l’élevage" group, which is mainly composed of teachers in higher agricultural education, wishes to offer them support in tackling this issue by providing easily accessible and sourced teaching resources and useful information.

The work carried out originally by the group aims to provide teachers of general secondary schools with teaching resources and useful sources of information for the construction of their courses. A website and a Youtube channel have also been developed to communicate with the general public : Farmpedia, available both in english and french.

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